woensdag 29 augustus 2012

SD Storage error on Fuji x100

I bought a Fuji x100 a few months ago. The first camera had to be returned because suddenly when making a photo the camera crashed and showed the error: 'SD Storage error' or something similar. The shop immediately sent me a new x100 and I used this for a long time happily. Until yesterday. When playing with more advanced functions in more complex environments it happened again. Turning the camera off and on did not solve anything. Formatting the sd card in the camera did not solve it. Then I finally decided to reset the camera with the 'reset' function on the camera. It's working again. So, there is a bug in the firmware that could trigger some kind of sd error. In my case it was solvable by resetting the camera.

1 opmerking:

  1. Hi Bram, ik had net hetzelfde, maar waarschijnlijk is het geen error, maar heb je op 'burst mode' geklikt = dat de camera 3 of 5 foto's achter elkaar maakt.
    Als je die stand wijzigt is het probleem opgelost :)